Qazi Hamza
Qazi Hamza
Qazi Hamza

18 May 2021

18 May 2021

Hace un día

Funniest peeing girl
😂😂 #Shorts

😂😂 #Shorts

Hace un día

  1. JH

    JHHace un minuto

    미국은 어떤 나라인가

  2. Dani_lacolo Albarracin

    Dani_lacolo AlbarracinHace 9 minutos

    Que gente tan idiota por favor

  3. Noah Rizzo

    Noah RizzoHace 13 minutos

    Tik tokkers should get cancer

  4. Sapto Rajiman

    Sapto RajimanHace 14 minutos

    When women dominating in the right way 😋

  5. Cícero Gabriel

    Cícero GabrielHace 14 minutos


  6. Cícero Gabriel

    Cícero GabrielHace 14 minutos


  7. Osman Mosa

    Osman MosaHace 17 minutos

    What the hell is this

  8. Osman Bin Laden

    Osman Bin LadenHace 20 minutos

    Don’t worry children Osman Bin Laden will take care of this garbage

  9. Cade Countryman

    Cade CountrymanHace 20 minutos

    Tiktok is cancer.

  10. Combat Vet

    Combat VetHace 21 un minuto

    No shit guys...I've done that at least 3 times in my life! ..............Implants I'm talking about(obviously)

  11. Đồng Dương

    Đồng DươngHace 21 un minuto


  12. VSGC YT ZU

    VSGC YT ZUHace 22 minutos


  13. Nahum Maldonado

    Nahum MaldonadoHace 24 minutos

    I kinda like this one cuz I'm a man of culture but if you are here in the endless loop of stupid til toks on yt, what i do is that i block the channel immediately when i see a shit cancer tik tok.

  14. Osman Bin Laden

    Osman Bin LadenHace 26 minutos

    Don’t worry children Osman Bin Laden will take care of this garbage

  15. Matilde Belmont Guevara

    Matilde Belmont GuevaraHace 27 minutos

    Eres una mujer muy hermosa Diosito te cuide siempre te espero que estés bien Diosito te bendiga hasta mañana primero Dios te bendiga. Eres ssssssssssssssssssssss. La. Lindura. Mayor tienes unas. Pompis. Hermosas

  16. Abdul khader

    Abdul khaderHace 27 minutos

    Which song is thaaat pleassseeeee anyone???????

  17. maulana putririzki

    maulana putririzkiHace 28 minutos

    What the... ??

  18. Randel Silverio

    Randel SilverioHace 30 minutos


  19. Jess Dyer

    Jess DyerHace 33 minutos


  20. Patricia Dominguez

    Patricia DominguezHace 33 minutos

    Que atrevidos queson los perros

  21. Farreru Kun ファレル くん

    Farreru Kun ファレル くんHace 38 minutos

    Lady Dimitrescu LOL

  22. Floid Pereira

    Floid PereiraHace 42 minutos

    Yes she's gotta a lollipop 🍭😂😂

  23. Rotten Sk8er

    Rotten Sk8erHace 43 minutos

    That’s the clean version

  24. Curtis Ray

    Curtis RayHace 46 minutos

    Because of this neck condition she has

  25. Curtis Ray

    Curtis RayHace 47 minutos

    She going to be a millionaire office1 tiktok

  26. Cloud_S

    Cloud_SHace 49 minutos

    Name of this girl ? For the science 😅

  27. -Twilight_Twinkie-

    -Twilight_Twinkie-Hace 49 minutos

    Me being 4'8 👁👄👁

  28. Juan Lopez

    Juan LopezHace 49 minutos

    Somebody get their grama

  29. shura moustaffa

    shura moustaffaHace 50 minutos


  30. Asha Phone

    Asha PhoneHace 50 minutos

    The first part made it look like a "in a tall person" commercial

  31. Ejiro Kirishima

    Ejiro KirishimaHace 51 un minuto

    Tik tok is cancer. Change my mind.

  32. Muhamad Ikhwan

    Muhamad IkhwanHace 52 minutos

    Yeah, men can choose whether he want short or tall girl too. Go cry about it.

  33. Shekar Lakshman

    Shekar LakshmanHace 58 minutos

    Let me try

  34. pretty

    prettyHace un hora

    Зачем ей одежда?

  35. Fire Fist Ace

    Fire Fist AceHace un hora

    Fire Fist Ace Left the chat

  36. Xiany Soto

    Xiany SotoHace un hora

    Hola Cómo estás Yo me llamo si ya no tía

  37. Manny Gomez

    Manny GomezHace un hora

    Wtf.. youtube..

  38. うさ課長

    うさ課長Hace un hora


  39. Faxriddin Lapasov

    Faxriddin LapasovHace un hora


  40. Maci Koren

    Maci KorenHace un hora

    I didn’t even know her and Lopez broke up. I thought she was cheating

  41. Tracy언니 In NewYork

    Tracy언니 In NewYorkHace un hora

    젖 터진다!!!

  42. reviewfor thetube

    reviewfor thetubeHace un hora

    So nasty like whats the point in this? Like her getting her first done that big?

  43. tymonica smith

    tymonica smithHace un hora


  44. ᄒᄋ

    ᄒᄋHace un hora


  45. Antonella Inostrosa

    Antonella InostrosaHace un hora

    Que estupidoo

  46. Bella marie

    Bella marieHace un hora

    *me being flat chested and wondering where all of the flat chested community’s supply went* a h just kidding this video is cancer.

  47. Mountain Man

    Mountain ManHace un hora

    I was waiting for a round four lol

  48. money memes

    money memesHace un hora

    Jake Paul and Logan Paul training hard

  49. Hiếu Chung

    Hiếu ChungHace un hora


  50. Rajababu Verma

    Rajababu VermaHace un hora

    India m kon kon h eshi lady Jo esh trah krva sake

  51. Edgar Diaz

    Edgar DiazHace un hora


  52. Wall St Tech

    Wall St TechHace un hora


  53. Kitkat Kait Playz

    Kitkat Kait PlayzHace un hora

    I don’t understand anyone in the comments :,)

  54. Maico Oliveira

    Maico OliveiraHace un hora

    Geração de idiotas chegou q sdds dos anos 2000

  55. Katrina Tano

    Katrina TanoHace un hora

    It remind me lady demitrescu

  56. Al Grosu

    Al GrosuHace un hora

    This is like watching a beautiful, gorgeous woman a diva , taking a "shit"

  57. Al Grosu

    Al GrosuHace un hora

    Get ahold of yourself :)))

  58. Tod Marks

    Tod MarksHace un hora

    This does not get the acclaim it should. Brilliant blow to politically correctness!

  59. WojasOkocimMocne

    WojasOkocimMocneHace un hora

    Crap detected

  60. Ah Meang

    Ah MeangHace un hora


  61. Chloe Dasher

    Chloe DasherHace un hora

    That poor woman those things must be very painful

  62. bb cc

    bb ccHace un hora


  63. GBI CB

    GBI CBHace un hora


  64. Armnj zher بشتكري

    Armnj zher بشتكريHace un hora


  65. Krishna s

    Krishna sHace un hora

    Bigg show

  66. Shanaly

    ShanalyHace un hora

    This is so cringe

  67. GBI CB

    GBI CBHace un hora

    Dimitescu ?

  68. TheReal Oxiii

    TheReal OxiiiHace un hora


  69. Ray Taylor

    Ray TaylorHace un hora

    Make out session please.

  70. Elizabeth Dizmang

    Elizabeth DizmangHace un hora

    Just y

  71. Daniel Salasarrd

    Daniel SalasarrdHace un hora

    Ni en el océano había tanto plástico

  72. Elizabeth Dizmang

    Elizabeth DizmangHace un hora

    She prity

  73. Siraj Khan

    Siraj KhanHace un hora

    I love you please what's up number to call me +923159474195