The Urban Rescue Ranch
The Urban Rescue Ranch
The Urban Rescue Ranch

Actual Content is On It’s Way!!!!!
I have a tiny urban rescue ranch/homestead in central Texas. Join me as i create and manage the homestead and all of its animals--including Chickens, Ducks, Rabbits, Piglets, and even ostriches, emus, and a kangaroo.

What Have I Done...
  1. Kristian Morris

    Kristian MorrisHace 21 un hora

    “Hey Kevin🤚 SLAP!! 👋” 😂😂

  2. Reuben C003

    Reuben C003Hace 21 un hora


  3. ALx99

    ALx99Hace 21 un hora

    You should change Kevin’s name to Charlie Zelenoff.

  4. Phoenix Ignite

    Phoenix IgniteHace 21 un hora

    Is that hit rapper an artist, Dababy!?!

  5. Brentton Mcalpine

    Brentton McalpineHace 21 un hora

    Put a mirror on your riot shield! So Kevin can see himself

  6. Robin

    RobinHace 21 un hora

    Put something reflective on the shield, how would Kevin react to seeing himself?

  7. ImVitaal

    ImVitaalHace 21 un hora

    Hey is that hit imposter and farmer uncle Ben ?

  8. An Egg In These Trying Times

    An Egg In These Trying TimesHace 21 un hora

    Get a falconer's glove next for the ultimate Kevin defense

  9. Joejoemyo

    JoejoemyoHace 21 un hora

    Shiplap - because the inside of your house should look like a barn too

  10. Valetha Nekik

    Valetha NekikHace 22 horas

    I mean did no one else expect the salmonella? XD

  11. dick butt

    dick buttHace 22 horas

    Bro you need too get the shild that obscures you behind it to see if he can see you

  12. chunk man

    chunk manHace 22 horas

    Captain Uncle Ben and his mighty anti Kevin shield

  13. OT6 Vixx

    OT6 VixxHace 22 horas

    Poggers just sat chillin with his lipstick out made my day 🤣

  14. New Apple

    New AppleHace 22 horas

    I hope he respone

  15. Руско Тонев

    Руско ТоневHace 22 horas

    Riot shield? Do you mean Rhea Shield?

  16. l0litsme

    l0litsmeHace 22 horas


  17. Stupid Cat

    Stupid CatHace 22 horas

    Can you actually become immune to salmonella?

  18. Disco Biscuits

    Disco BiscuitsHace 22 horas

    Yes!FINALLY!! Some real defensive protection

  19. Nachoz Man

    Nachoz ManHace 22 horas

    Punished for making us watch that disgusting clip. Well deserved

  20. Mat Dattein

    Mat DatteinHace 22 horas

    Very good!

  21. Colossus Co.

    Colossus Co.Hace 22 horas

    You can put a handful of feeder goldfish in the water containers to keep mosquito larvae in check. As long as nothing decides to eat the goldfish lol

  22. ThatDudeWeLove

    ThatDudeWeLoveHace 22 horas

    even with the riot shield, Ben doesn't know that Kevin has commando-pro equipped. That will fly right through his shield

  23. one2stker

    one2stkerHace 22 horas

    Nugget might be stressed. I had a bird that used to get stressed alot and would always pick her feathers out

  24. Pat Rules

    Pat RulesHace 22 horas

    Is the emu ok?

  25. jeff

    jeffHace 22 horas

    male rhea more like diarrhea

  26. nikkidash

    nikkidashHace 22 horas

    I can't wait to get my pigeon plushie!😘

  27. Bartosz Chojnacki

    Bartosz ChojnackiHace 22 horas

    We all waited for Kevin mask (psyhotic break)

  28. Taylor Diveley

    Taylor DiveleyHace 22 horas

    “Should I try to shield-bash Kevin?” KILLED me

  29. Santa Claus

    Santa ClausHace 22 horas

    You know that there are some people in the chat that would LOVE to work for you (like if you are one of those people)

  30. Lawrence Henderson

    Lawrence HendersonHace 22 horas

    you are a gift from god

  31. Contradoublebassman

    ContradoublebassmanHace 22 horas

    Salmonella from spinach not eggs most likely....

  32. H41822

    H41822Hace 22 horas

    funniest video ever

  33. Michael

    MichaelHace 22 horas

    She’s not molting she’s either overpreening or he is. Doesn’t look infected

  34. Brendan Grimes

    Brendan GrimesHace 22 horas


  35. squatking77

    squatking77Hace 22 horas

    This channel has provided us mere mortals with such entertainment that a simple “thank you” simply cannot constitute for his sacrifices.

  36. NightGlyde

    NightGlydeHace 22 horas

    Of course you got salmonella *facepalm*

  37. Jack Nunez

    Jack NunezHace 22 horas

    “Oh what you thinking about over there bud😀”

  38. mrlmaokun

    mrlmaokunHace 22 horas

    I lub Ur videos

  39. yugi4000

    yugi4000Hace 22 horas

    nugget is indeed molting. i own multiple chickens at the moment and this does happen when molting. just give her some extra protein rich foods, dried mealworms work wonders on molting chickens!

  40. Asif Gir

    Asif GirHace 22 horas

    This guy just had salmonella, had his whole hand eaten by ants, is regularly attacked by a demon bird, and is surrounded by shit, but still manages to have the time of his life.

  41. Clay Turner

    Clay TurnerHace 22 horas

    What must go through the dog's mind

  42. DopeDolphin

    DopeDolphinHace 22 horas

    i keep thinking a good ol thick leather jacket would be good

  43. Aaron Pops

    Aaron PopsHace 22 horas

    Some birds pluck their own feathers when they are stressed. Are the chickens bullying each other?

  44. UnbreakableLAG

    UnbreakableLAGHace 22 horas

    It’s not that hard to have a male Rea in your yard. You just need to German suplex for dominance.

  45. Cem

    CemHace 22 horas

    12:31 poggers is packing. jeez

  46. ravine

    ravineHace 22 horas

    get a big water hose and water kevin up

  47. Slesser !

    Slesser !Hace 22 horas

    Imagine getting salmonella from an ostrich egg 🤣 I got it from eating too much cookie dough 😒

  48. miguel salas

    miguel salasHace 22 horas


  49. Kojin

    KojinHace 22 horas

    Your footsies has improved, and your learning to block Kevins fence oki. But once he starts throwing grabs you gona have to learn to tech

  50. Miguel Cordero

    Miguel CorderoHace 22 horas

    Lmao when he said me and Kevin just two Bros like to wrestle sometimes

  51. Phillippe Smith

    Phillippe SmithHace 22 horas

    Take care of yourself man. The memes ain't worth it.

  52. NekroZef

    NekroZefHace 22 horas

    *whatcha thinkin' about over there bud?* 😂

  53. S

    SHace 22 horas

    I'm so glad you are ok. I love that you have that riot shield. Kevin doesn't know better (bless his little heart some way) but you need to be safe too so I really hope it works well for moving forward

  54. JoJoSnoopLion

    JoJoSnoopLionHace 22 horas

    This new Operator reveal for Rainbow 6 Siege is wild.

  55. AKA SiCkFoRM

    AKA SiCkFoRMHace 22 horas

    That looked like a savage beak grip

  56. Landen Cabrera

    Landen CabreraHace 22 horas

    What happened to the carp

  57. Shaheer Hasnain

    Shaheer HasnainHace 22 horas


  58. Dre Martin

    Dre MartinHace 22 horas

    Where can I sign up to work?

  59. Gito

    GitoHace 22 horas

    lmao yeah having a male rhea aint that hard you just need multiple armed nuclear warheads

  60. CruetusNex

    CruetusNexHace 22 horas

    Please never drink an egg again.

  61. SeebsFPS

    SeebsFPSHace 22 horas

    LMFAOOO based and 2nd amendment pilled dababy that was good

  62. KIKA

    KIKAHace 22 horas

    "hey poggers what you thinking about over there?" Me: 🙂 aw cute, I wonder. Me after eyes wander: 😳😳😳 Obviously he thinking about a lady friend!

  63. Avn

    AvnHace 22 horas

    did you ever think about just wearing super thick clothes and then letting kevin pick you as long as he wants? eventually he's gonna lose interest in it. the way it is right now is you're passively encouraging his behaviour

  64. Raccoonscale s

    Raccoonscale sHace 22 horas

    Wish he would stop talking and being cringe so fucking often

  65. Kario

    KarioHace 22 horas

    I was thinking, "Isn't that going to give him salmonella." But he was doing it so confidently that I was like, "Nah, he knows what he is doing, plus what are the odds." I have learned to never trust your self-preservation.

  66. DanKer 123

    DanKer 123Hace 22 horas

    3:28 Uncle Ben when he sees that Karen has laid an egg

  67. ID:N/A

    ID:N/AHace 22 horas

    That boy got himself a riot shield, taking a page from people who raise cassowaries

  68. Elias I.

    Elias I.Hace 22 horas

    Kevin got a sudden random character development lol

  69. Aidan Bankston

    Aidan BankstonHace 22 horas

    7:45 same thing happened on the neck with my chickens a few weeks ago I think it was from the other chickens or from dust bathes

  70. legendary umer

    legendary umerHace 22 horas

    We have acquired a shield now all we need is a stick

  71. Samantha Rands

    Samantha RandsHace 22 horas

    When is our wedding

  72. TheCreamyDonut

    TheCreamyDonutHace 22 horas

    I was wondering where the uploads were. Its always cool to take a break since its always your health first 👍

  73. REV3LL

    REV3LLHace 22 horas

    You should sell dq baby t shirts

  74. Simo Hayha

    Simo HayhaHace 22 horas

    Can't wait to see the crossover video with Active Self Protection, where John goes in-depth on Dababy's defensive encounter in the walmart. Prayers for the hit rapper and artist and his family.

  75. THE KING

    THE KINGHace 22 horas

    I had saminila once it's not fun

  76. Lucky Me

    Lucky MeHace 22 horas

    Kevin was confused by the invisible force field. He had no choice but defeat

  77. Igor Prytsyuk

    Igor PrytsyukHace 22 horas

    Kevin: "ooo riot shield, I'm a p#$&! And I use riot shield, yumyumyumyum yum..........

  78. MiloThaLoser

    MiloThaLoserHace 22 horas

    Poggers got a little excited there. Does he have a crush on Karen??? 😳😳